The company has developed an update on the conventional resistance furnace. Environmental protection, intelligent, high efficiency energy saving type resistance furnace, fuel furnace, Gas furnace. We and several scientific research institutes, schools, heat treatment Engineers set up a cooperative relationship for the user...
Anhui Jiang Yun Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., formerly Changxing Yun Jiang electric furnace factory, the new plant is located in Anhui Guangde County Dong Ting Xiang Town Industrial Zone, a unique geographical advantage, Changxing County of Zhejiang Province, Anji County at the junction of. 5 km away from ...
Aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace, continuous tunnel furnace, mesh belt furnace, trolley furnace, sintering furnace, the pusher furnace, vacuum furnace, pit type furnace, energy saving box type furnace, bell type furnace, tempering furnace, annealing furnace, quenching furnace, pit type nitriding furnace, pit type carburizing furnace, Ares type rotary furnace, salt bath furnace, air bluing furnace, disc ablation furnace, aging furnace, heating furnace, melting furnace, the holding furnace, stainless steel bright heat processing production line.

1, the sintering furnace to the inner liner of the sintering using wet glazed, one coating and sintering process, sintering temperature 840 to 880 DEG C, drying te...

In the EAF process producing low nitrogen steel, some senior grades of nitrogen have strict requirements, such as advanced hot-rolled steel nitrogen requirements b...

Purpose and characteristics
Application: widely used in the production and test of ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical, mechanical, refractor...

Anhui Jiang Yun Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.
(Changxin Jiang Yun electric furnace factory)

Contact: Guoliang Zhang
Address: Guangde County, Anhui Province Town Industrial Zone
Tel: 0563-6849001 6849006
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